It was already night &  the weather was hostile when we landed on Osaka, Japan. Muddle-headed me totally forgotten to arrange for a meet-up with our host so he could bring us over to our Airbnb apartment on our 1st day of arrival, or did I prepared my homework to check for direction beforehand… so with HUGE language barrier being a REAL hindrance & together with our bulky luggage, we searched for our apartment with antsy. #LittleHumansGettingLostInBigJapan

Our tummies were rumbling, our skins were icy cold & our legs were aching. Getting lost in time like that was totally uncool! I could see major decline in patience level as we circled endlessly around the neighborhood & this actually made me panicked a little.

“What if we can’t find the place in the end?”
“Is this area safe?” 

But you see, always look into the brighter side of life because all the Japanese we encountered was really kind. We never once stumbled upon the locals & were treated with rejections or even scowling faces whenever we asked for help. This is probably the people of Japan – Kind, polite, helpful. Needless to say, we found our crib in the end after being a total fool because we took a huge detour… but still ~

I’m so grateful for the strangers from Japan!

With love,



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