If you feel the rumbling, over-stimulation of salivary glands, weaken muscles, possible dizziness, adrenaline rush or thrill. My only interpretation is that — my dear friend, you are diagnosed with “Fabulously-Incredibly-Foods-Attack”  from an infectious “disease” called  Kuromon Ichiba Market

So ~ my only cure is that you buff up your wallet into super fatso, clear your tummy and start the eating mission by immersing into the irresistible aroma of basically any foods that ranged from fresh seafood → sushi → beef → fruits → vegetables

SAM_5128-2.jpgSAM_5126-2.jpgSAM_5114.jpgSAM_5110.jpgYou can’t miss this — the superb mighty tuna of freshness

That big nasty tuna head might seem totally gross & literally unpleasant, but trust me… the generously thick tuna slices with the right portion of rice will just melted into your mouth! Totally worth it! Just quickly grab the very limited seats and make those tiny taste buds go crazy for those awesome babes which  I fell so deeply for!

SAM_5134-2.jpgSAM_5111-2.jpgI found hate in Kuromon  Market…
Just look at the portion… why Kobe beef did this to me? To leave me in misery with high-priced stingy portion…But since you tasted real delicious, I started to ponder between hating you or loving you… What a love-hate relationship

SAM_5122-2.jpgSAM_5123-2.jpgSAM_5125-2.jpgPrices were marked accordingly to the sizes. So the bigger it is, the more satisfactions. The man will set the scallops on grill, it then started to sizzle — capturing both the fragrance and flavour of melted butter and tint of soy sauce. Scallops have their distinct flavour anyway, mildly sweet and rather chewy. But I would say that too much of the butter would eventually made it too savoury and somewhat greasy.

Still, this the most satisfying hot-served scallops I ever had!

SAM_5133-2.jpgPhotoGrid_1468581376474.jpgI had to add this into our  jam-packed itinerary & before rushing off for the bullet train to Tokyo. There were so many more to explore, to buy, to eat! But time was ticking and we had to shorten our trip. We did not even step a foot into any of the restaurants, or buy any juicy fruits. But we passed a stall which overwhelmed with all kinds of Japanese snacks! Literally heavenly! Bullet train will last for a few hours, so we decided to make our life a little merrier by buying the snacks to munch during onboard! How smart ~

Anyone should totally come here — foodie, tourist, explorer or even a photographer
Totally thumbs up!

– All photos are mine – 

With love,



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