PhotoGrid_1469979023848.jpgBeen travelling with weather that was pretty much insane, and Beijing was heavily polluted with smog, shrouding the entire nation during that time. Before our trip there, I was somewhat worried because the news has been reporting on how hazardous the condition was. An ‘extraordinary’ artist in China even made bricks out of the dust and pollutants collected. WOW FACTOR HERE ~ 

I was hoping and praying that all those lung-choking substances would eventually disappear… and guess what… they did… magically

They still lingered a little when we landed, but nothing serious that would kill your lungs. And when it was time for “Hiking Day” on the Great Wall, the sky was clear and beautiful ~
But still frosty! See how I am all geared up, totally ready to walk the stairs and fight cold!

PhotoGrid_1469980357285.jpgSAM_3864_mr1469980999506.jpgThis is my mom, my travel partner while in China ~
Basking in the warmth of the morning Sun

There were shops and food stalls along the way, but all I could see is me eating Burger King after my morning hike ~ YES! And personally, I think that travelling during the winter session would perhaps be great because the place would not be concentrated with throngs of people! Series of fortification and scenic view would all be yours truly ~

But you don’t reach the Great Wall and happily start the journey that easily! NO…
You have to lurch forward and walk up the slope, not for a short distance but a long one to reach to the cable car and then up to the Wall. Beads of sweat started to roll and I asked myself, so much for putting on those thick layers…

PhotoGrid_1470025176914.jpgSAM_3907.jpgSAM_3949.jpgPhotoGrid_1470020772870_mh1470020931950.jpgWe marched up this massive piece of  wall relics which run parallel and stretched across the land of China. This extravagant architecture of more than 2,000 years old stood majestically, representing the work and blood of mankind in the past. When I was young, I came across this sad, romantic Chinese folklore ‘The tears of Meng Jiang Nu’, and that was when I first heard about the Great Wall of China, but felt that this mighty construction was monstrous because it was said that people were actually buried within the wall itself. So while I was hiking, evidently standing on those stone blocks, I felt like I am being rather and somehow disrespectful. Huh…
Terribly steep mountains, raw weather, unimaginable hardship and sadism – Truly, how many untold stories succumbed to the wall?

The steps were perilously steep and I stayed extremely alert at all time. But I stopped whenever I wanted, just to capture moment – Tranquility, breathtaking and simply amazing…
This place is truly a beauty ~
Taking the steps little by little were still very exhausting but also filled with excitement. On the final spurt (more like the end of the section), we have to conquer the sharpest and the most lifted steps.(#ThisIsTheMomentLOL) But you felt like a winner upon reaching. Standing on the top of the world and you could hear me shout. “YOUR SMOG DOESN’T KILL ME!!!” HAHA!!!

I will be back again, on a different season and on a different section of the wall. Hope it doesn’t crumbles too much by then ~

In the end,
I ended the trip happily and had my burger and cheese fries (plus point) in Burger King!

– All photos are mine – 

With love,



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