1.jpgSAM_5267.jpgLove is when we decided to be the triplets in pink.jpg3.jpg
SAM_5284.jpg5.jpg6.jpgSAM_5473.jpgSAM_5444-2.jpgI hope for lesser crowds so I could cover all of the attractions
I hope for more time so I could explore the entire place
I hope for at least 2 stomachs so I could stuff more foods & still be awesome
And I hope to reverse time because I missed “Daytime Parade – Happiness is Here“, “Once Upon a Time” and the “Greetings Session”… and I am very unhappy about that… But I guessed Elsa from Frozen somehow knew about this and decided to make a special winter version – Frozen Fantasy (Specially for me of course! #LOL #ThisIsASuperLatePostBtw)

Everything was however so magical ~
The songs, the performances, the musicians, the dancers, the atmosphere & the place ~
They took pride & their energies were radiating. Professionalism was definitely on point. But well… except for the crowds! Geez… We waited hours for a single ride…I almost died… but pizza saved me & I own my life to the MIGHTY PIZZA from that day onwards.
How can I ever repay?

The night creeped in fast & the anticipated fireworks were not amazing with no climax. Disappointing. But at the end of everything, the person who is standing next to you always matters the most, and suddenly, all became memories.

Now I am stuck to my tied up, hectic, tiring days again; I wish for another magical moment. Disney is childhood and love.

– All photos are mine –

With love,



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