SAM_6395.jpgSAM_6400.jpgPhotoGrid_1470026335013.jpgSAM_6404.jpgSAM_6411.jpgSAM_6410_mr1468303676723.jpgSAM_6413.jpgSAM_6414.jpgSmartSelectImage_2016-07-12-18-07-57.pngSAM_6424.jpgSAM_6417_mr1468338304354.jpgSAM_6419_mr1468338229752.jpgJuly has been a terrible & hellish month for me.
It’s unbelievably suffocating & I really thought I couldn’t pass…
The only motivation that kept me moving was actually the trip to Taiwan which almost went in vain when a blast decided to hit Taipei one night, then came along the typhoon that hammered across the entire nation… super unlucky…

This trip was uncertain in the beginning, and when it was finally confirmed, things happened…

But #YOLO #WeAreTheCitizenOfYouth ~
Just went ahead & believe that Mother Nature is loving & will do us good.
And apparently, some winds rode in an opposing direction & whooped the asses of typhoon so it got scared & changed direction, avoiding Taipei! YES!!! THANK GODDESS!!! (Remember how lucky I was when Im in BeiJing too ~#CallMeMissLucky)

The only hiccup was the endless rain ~
So the weather was humid and my camera was constantly on high-alert stress mode!

Trip to Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園) took around 90 min and it is the place which holds uniquely formed rocks with very interesting names like “Fairy Shoes”, “Queen’s Head” and “Princess’ Head” ~
Nature is the best ~ Beside the funny looking rocks, the place was accompained with crashing waves, cooling breeze and a slightly dusky sky. A beautiful way to get away from the hustle and bustle ~

But again, the crowds were horrifying! (Always do) They angled their arms in readily “attack-formation” and shoved you away like they rule the place! Then the rain dropped & thunder struck, chasing many away ~ YES!!! THANK GODDESS!!!

Getting nausea due to daunting long rides, numbed asses and aching backs would be such a teensy-weensy matter when you see this place ~
A touch of magic from the beautiful Mother Nature

-All photos are mine-

With love,


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